Do you envisage living, working, hiring employees or becoming a citizen in Austria? We develop holistic and lasting immigration and citizenship solutions for you.

Put us to the test and save yourself time, money and nerves.

About us

eos lawyers is a boutique law firm for immigration and citizenship law focusing on private client immigration, corporate migration, naturalisation and citizenship for victims of Nazi persecution and their descendants.

We advise private clients and investors on taking up residency in Austria, support HR departments of Austrian and international companies in bringing the brightest minds on board, assist clients with naturalisation in Austria and take up the cause of Austrians who were forced to leave their homes in the 1930s and 1940s and of their descendants in citizenship proceedings.

This is what we are specialised in. Highly specialised.

This is where we are successful for our clients. So far in more than 1,500 cases.

"The best in Austria in relocation and immigration of private clients."
(The Legal 500 Rankings 2022, Private client in Austria)

Even when the currents are strong and the waves are high: Our team has worked together for many years and will guide you safely through the white water of Austrian immigration and citizenship law.

Our values

For us, immigration and citizenship law is not just a sideshow one occasionally deals with in order not to have to send potential clients away.

We are dedicated to and practise in these fields every day. We are, therefore, not only intricately familiar with the relevant statutes and case law but also with the specifics of administrative practice at provincial and even district level.

We embrace your cause and adopt it as our own because we know from experience what you are going through. After all, most of our lawyers are immigrants themselves. Whether a residence permit is granted or denied is often a life changing matter. This applies even more to citizenship proceedings. We know and act accordingly.

We will not always tell you what you want to hear from us. But our advice and the clear recommendations that come with it will always enable you to take informed decisions. Decisions which allow for the most promising outcome. Our clients appreciate that, which is why we represent many of them all the way from initial residence permit applications to citizenship and beyond.

As ABIL (American Business Immigration Lawyers), IBA (International Bar Association) and VisaLaw International members and AILA International Associates we can rely on a network of excellent colleagues in more than thirty countries. This allows us to support you in immigration and citizenship matters around the globe.

In the last few years, we have seen administrative practice become increasingly restrictive, particularly in Austria’s eastern provinces. Taken together with chronically understaffed authorities, this development has all too often brought about results which are based on the ability of applicants to hire the best immigration lawyers rather than the merits of a given case. By working with NGOs and pro bono clients, we contribute to restoring, at least partly, the public‘s trust in the rule of law in immigration and citizenship proceedings and to enforcing our clients‘ rights.

When you decide to retain us, we will inform you about the likely costs of our services in advance. Whenever possible, we agree on binding fee caps or lump sum payments to allow you to reliably plan your immigration or citizenship project from day one of our engagement.

Practice Focus


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Eligibility of descendants of former concentration camp inmates for privileged naturalisation

Vienna Administrative Court acknowledges continuing effects of Nazi persecution even after the end of WWII and eligibility of descendants of former concentration camp inmates for privileged naturalisation
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April 2022 amendments to the Austrian Citizenship Act

April 2022 amendments to the Austrian Citizenship Act (Federal Gazette I 48/2022) include new groups of descendants of victims of Nazi persecution
Federal Gazette I 48/2022